Exclusively Hand Made Allergen Free

We are exclusively Allergen Free and lovingly hand make all our products.

Our Celebration cakes are creatively designed in our development kitchen in rural Cheshire and finely crafted in our Cake Studio in Lymm, near Manchester, ready for shipment to anywhere in the UK via dedicated courier.

We only craft products that are Allergen Free or for specific diets.  Without compromising taste they can be without Gluten, Egg, Milk, Sugar or Nuts and we cater for Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, Lactose Intolerant, Auto Immune Protocol and FODMAP diets, Halal and Kosher.

Please check out the Gallery section for examples of our unique dietary requirement designs that are perfect for any 'Special Occasion'.

Full Tracability

We only make 'Allergen Free' so you can be assured there is no risk of cross-contamination.

We are passionate about the quality of our products as well as how they look and taste and have rigorous Allergen procedures in place. We only source the best natural ingredients, for instance we source our food colourings from a US supplier as they are the only one who guarantees their colours are 100% natural and free from E numbers or artificial additives. Our ingredients are organic and drawn from the surrounding Cheshire countryside where possible.

It is our aim to be fully Coeliac UK and FODMAP accredited as soon as is practical. Indeed we can provide full tracability of all our ingredients and a copy of the GF test report with each individual cake if requested.


Our Vegan cakes are free from all of the 14 Allergens that the FSA recognise but you don't have to compromise on the flavour!


Indeed we submitted our Vegan 'Joppa' cake to the 2018 Free From Awards and won two Bronze Medals, FODMAP Friendly & Best Product from a StartUp!

Best StatrUp
Best StatrUp


We can create any character or design including 'Extreme Cakes' if desired, all Allergen Free.

Most cakes designs can be realised in any flavour, subject to mechanical constraints of course; you can't balance a huge structure on a soft sponge, even we can't defy the laws of Physics, although we will do our best to try!!

Everything therefore, where possible, is made from edible product except for cake construction items which are all 'Food Safe' materials.

Please call us for a consultation and we can advise on realising your design in cake!

Vegan Joppa Cake

'TeaTime' Range

To introduce our 'TeaTime' range we developed the Vegan 'Joppa' Cake.


What exactly is a Joppa Cake?


Our Joppa cake is a light chocolate sponge  infused with Valencian orange and en-robed in a dark chocolate and orange frosting.

It is available without milk or indeed any of the 14 recognised Allergens and was the first product in our enticing new range, the latest of which will be launched at the 2018 London Allergy Show.

Unfortunately you will have to wait until then to find out more about that one but in the meantime please follow the link below to see the other treats already available in our 'TeaTime' range.  Please contact us directly to order as we can tailor each item to your specific dietary requirements.

Flavour and Fillings

Choose your favourite flavour and filling combination.

We have a wide range of Buttercreams and Ganaches to choose from.

Feel free to mix'n'match to your hearts content for both Fillings and Crumb Coat.

On our FAQ page you can also see the Dietary information and we can usually modify accordingly if necessary so if you are 'Dairy Free' or 'Vegan' for instance you don't have to put up with an inferior choice!

Why be 'accommodated' when you can be 'Special' ?

Willow Cottage Kitchen has the philosophy that simply 'accommodating' Allergen Free just isn't good enough. Allergen free is Special and you have to live it to understand.

Indeed Charlie, our Baker and Sugar craft expert, suffers with several Auto Immune conditions so we know intimately the issues associated with special Dietary Requirements.

Our belief is that Allergen Free food doesn't have to compromise at all on taste or texture and if made with passion and love can be served to everyone.

So why compromise when you can be special?

Dove Farm  Freee Guest Chef
Edible  Shoe

Next Steps

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