Our Belief

We believe that everyone deserves something special and even if you have Dietary Requirements this shouldn't mean you have to compromise on taste or quality or accept something that only approximates to what you really want.

With regards to using the finest ingredients, we only use Free Range eggs for example. We have to, Millie, Willow Cottage Kitchen's resident Quality Control chicken wouldn't accept anything less!

A regular supply of cake crumbs may go some way to easing Millie's mood but seriously 'the Cottage' ensures the provenance of all of its ingredients guaranteeing we can deliver superior product to you in the finest condition and where possible locally sourced from within Cheshire.

Not all the ingredients can be sourced locally however. For our Gigly cakes we source Matcha from Japan, Organic sustainable Tiger Nut flour for our Paleo products and the Cacao we use in our chocolate cakes comes from an environmental centre in the Ecuadorian Amazon where it grows wild and is sustainably cultivated.


We are also fully committed to Allergen testing, as we know its importance, and regularly test our facilities to ensure no cross contamination and strive to not only meet but exceed the required standards.

Millie - the scowling chicken

Allergen Free food has come a long way in recent years but it can still improve. In our opinion Allergen Free, especially cake, doesn't have to be limited in flavour, compromise on texture or taste, be dry or lumpy and packed with extra sugar and additives. If its good enough then Allergen Free cake can be served to anyone and they shouldn't even know its Allergen Free. Indeed since opening our Lymm Cake Studio approximately half of our customers have no Allergies at all!

Our Story

Willow Cottage Kitchen was primarily inspired by the desire to bring excellent Allergen Free food to the market. Food that we all can eat.

Charlie, our Creative Director, has been in the Food and Customer Service business for many years and has previously run a craft cake and baking business with an associated coffee shop. However after a period of illness and subsequent diagnosis for multiple Auto Immune conditions she had to concentrate purely on customer facing roles. Fortunately now re-focusing exclusively on Allergen Free means she has been able to start creating beautiful Occasion cakes once again.

Willow Cottage Kitchen is however more than just a pretty cake and we are planning to introduce other Allergen Free products in the future that compliment our current range of Occasion and TeaTime cakes.

Charlie, by utilising the skills of other professionals in logistics and management, has been able to focus exclusively on creating wonderful visual and taste sensations and experiment with new flavours and techniques in our development kitchen in rural Cheshire whilst still ensuring the cakes are finely crafted at our new Cake Studio located in Lymm. This gives us the advantage of being able to offer a diverse range of products that are all still 'Hand Made' from the finest ingredients whilst being able to cope with growing demand without sacrificing quality. Look forward to exciting new Cottage products in the future.