Flavours & Fillings

Cakes Flavours:
     Victoria Sponge
      Vanilla Madeira
      Luscious Irish Cream
      White Chocolate and Rose
      Coconut and Lime
      Sicilian Lemon
      Jaffa Cake
      Chocolate Stout Cake
      Rich Chocolate
      Double Chocolate Marble
      Triple Citrus Marble
      Carrot Cake
      Rich Fruit

      White Chocolate Ganache
      Dark Chocolate Ganache

Buttercream Fillings:
      Vanilla Buttercream
      Hot Chocolate Fudge Buttercream
      Chocolate Orange Buttercream
      Zesty Orange Buttercream
      White Chocolate with Rose Buttercream
      Sicilian Lemon Buttercream
      Vanilla Frosting
      Chocolate Frosting
      Coconut and Lime Frosting
      Chocolate Orange Frosting
      Zesty Orange Frosting
      White Chocolate and Rose Frosting
      Sicilian Lemon Frosting
      Strawberry Frosting



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